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Masterlist. You walked into your sunlight light studio and hissed at how bright it was. When you adjusted to the light you walked to the back wall where all your supplies where, got a canvas and some pants. You put the cloudy looking canvas on your favorite easel and sat down at the stool. The Demon King. Pairing: Villain!Deku x. ★彡 Rising Star(Kinktober Free Use: Kirishima, Shouto, Bakugou, Deku) When you are kidnapped by four of the most dangerous villains in the country, you're forced to act as their plaything on camera. ★彡 Vampire Smile(Kinktober Vampire).

Guess we must each pay for our own hubris. When the quirk hit him the first image his mind conjured was a hostage situation. It seems certain ghosts just never leave your brain. Seeing the love of his life held hostage and being killed off as he was powerless to help left him broken pretty fast.

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Nov 11, 2018 - Read [Lemon] Villain Deku x reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 47,889 reads. 2017 - Découvrez le tableau "kageyama x hinata" de Manga or not Manga sur Yandere Male! yandere simulator male student council x female reader lemon - Google Yandere!girl x Male! November 15 2016 e x o o h s e h u n. Slightly obssesed, and drowning in beautiful delusions. ♡Art above is mine♡ | BNHA imagines+ | ☄Masterlist! ☄ | 🍑Rules🍑 | Buy me a coffee ☕ ♡ Let's head home♡ ♡ What's on your mind, Darling?♡ ♡ History's Archives♡ Deku x Reader: Niche Insecurities. My first attempt at writing for my favourite boy. This is pretty.

Main Masterlist. BNHA Masterlist. GN Fem Bodied Version. Katsuki Bakugou x Male Bodied! Reader. Warnings: Apocalypse AU, Non-Quirks AU, Blood, Death, Attempted Non-Con. Summary: You stand in the middle of school with your boyfriend leaving sick only for a much more serious disease to appear while he’s gone. W/C: 1.5k+ You stand in place listening to the.

♡pairing: izuku midoriya x fem!reader. ♡ word count: 10.8K ♡ rating: mature, 18+, mdni. ♡ genre: villain!au, angst, smut. ♡ summary: with criminals on the rise, destruction sweeping the city and an easy recon mission gone wrong you find yourself at the merciless hands of japan's greatest villain threat— only to find the person behind it all, was someone you'd lost a long time ago.

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